Who We Are

Kylee Ingram


Kylee is a digital content/TV producer and entrepreneur with 15 years of experience in TV production.

Kylee’s interactive projects have achieved outstanding international marketplace recognition and her leadership in the cross-platform field has been recognised by XMedia Lab, SXSW and Cannes.

Kylee has developed a range of interactive apps and experiences that have been used by some of the world’s leading NGOs and sporting brands.

Matt Evans


Matt has held a number of executive roles across finance, strategy, operations & general management in his last 15 years in the music industry.

Prior to joining the music industry Matt worked in management consulting and financial markets.

A firm believer in the economic benefits of rigorous strategic financial planning, he is also passionate about positive social and environmental outcomes aligned with good business.

Todd Sotheren


With a 15 year background in the advertising industry, nowadays Todd assists first time founders to prototype and market test their business idea and find out sooner, rather than later, whether there is a viable market for their offering, before they quit their job and spend their life savings.

Todd is also the President of Byron Bay Chamber of Commerce and host of ‘The New Economy’ on BayFM in Byron Bay.

Maria Collyer

BOard Member

Maria Collyer is a Business Adviser, servicing SMEs with comprehensive Business Reviews under the government funded Entrepreneurs Programme.
She is a multi-awarded food entrepreneur and branding expert as the founder and majority owner of Sweden’s largest juice bar chain, Naked Juicebar. She has experience from many stages of business- and operational development, with key skills in streamlining systems and processes to support continuous growth.
Her own business journey has fueled a passion for entrepreneurship and business development, a passion she is thrilled to share with fellow entrepreneurs in the Northern Rivers Region.

Louise Bannister

Board Member

Louise Bannister has been making magazines for 20 years. In 2004 she co-founded frankie magazine, which in a time when print was in decline grew to sell 80 000 copies worldwide. Louise also co-founded Smith Journal and Spaces before leaving to start We Print Nice Things, a creative agency with her longtime collaborator Lara Burke.

In 2015 Louise co-founded Lunch Lady magazine, a down to earth, happy, inspiring read for parents, carers and kids.

Louise is passionate about finding, making and sharing interesting, positive stories and content.

Stephen Digby

Secretary and board member

Stephen founded Digby Law and Digby Advisory in 2004, providing specialist commercial, business and intellectual property advice to businesses whose core assets and/or activities are based on, or involve, intellectual property rights.

He worked with creativity businesses to generate value of their core assets of their ideas, creations and innovations, and other intellectual property rights, by helping to Identify, Unlock and Protect these assets and to support their commercialisation.

Chloe Brookman

Board Member

Chloe Brookman is Co-founder and Director of Olli Ella, a global homewares brand with offices in Byron Bay, London and Los Angeles.

Prior to founding Olli Ella in 2010, Chloe started a boutique art gallery in London, loved for its collection of rare 20th century masters works on paper.

Chloe lives in Byron Bay with her husband and three children, and is passionate about living life, letting go, and winging it.